When I was a kid growing up in central Maine our town had wooden sidewalks or boardwalks. I can remember walking on the sidewalks and my shoes making that clicking hollow wood sound they make when walking on the sidewalks. I can even remember thinking as a small child how it would be awful if the sidewalks disappeared. Well, sure enough, they disappeared when I was still very young and I miss them. They still have them in Portland, Maine on a small street in the harbor which I see whenever I go home for a visit but its such a small place.

Today I was watching an old western and saw the wooden sidewalks in the film. I was wondering why they got rid of them.  They were cheap, functional and environmentally friendly not to mention a natural atmosphere. Maybe we should bring them back but then, there’s probably some kind of law saying you can’t. Seems like anything simple has a law against it. Are there any towns that still have them? I’d like to know.