85464-81306[1]Living on Mars makes it easy to always see the differences between cultures and peoples. The daily differences that you are confronted with urges you to constantly re-evaluate yourself like a teenage kid. This doesn’t get easier or change with time.

I have lived on Mars for 25 years and still on a daily basis someone mentions that I am from another planet. Evidently raising kids, teaching Sunday school every week, being a volunteer mom at school, laughing at the same jokes, working and paying taxes all those years still makes me a ‘foreigner’. You know those strange weird alien people with purple skin and googly eyes. As we all know,  ‘foreigners’ or ‘immigrants’ have strange ways and are not as intelligent as the locals…comes from the googly eyes I’m sure.

They never seem to understand that I get tired of things to, like not being able to speak my own mother tongue with anyone who really understands what I am saying or without having to explain every single thought which, by the way, makes me think they are the stupid ones. Although I speak the local language fluently I still get strange looks when I say something not quite with the correct accent. These frustrations really push you to forget the similarities. But there are similarities and no one seems to pay any attention to those. I would like to now.

For one thing, men all over the world think they are going to die when they have a cold. Strange thing that, but it is true. This is one of the things women of all cultures joke about. Something we all have in common.

Food. Everyone eats, buys or cooks food. The food is different from one place to the other but people talk about it all the time. Even here, where the traditional food is not very good. They all agree it’s not very good and talk about what they do like or exchange recipes or favorite restaraunts. Food is a very universal thing.

Childbirth. At least between mothers. talking about babies and childbirth is a common thing. The way in which a doctor or hospital treats a women is cultural but the actual experience is the same. Childbirth is so drastic and radical to a women’s body and psyche how can you ignore it?! All women talk about it.

Sex is a strange one. All over the world people have it and talk about it but how they talk about it is culturally different. Still, people talk about it and joke about it only the culture your in may dictate who and when you’re allowed to do so. Generally speaking, put a bunch of women alone in a room and they end up joking about sex one way or another.

Cute babies. Everyone likes to look at cute babies both human and animal. Baby kittens, baby puppies, babies of all kinds. Youtube films of cute babies are popular all over the world. You’re always safe with babies.

Another thing is, women want nice hair and nails. Women who don’t have nice hair and nails talk about it all the time (which is about everyone).

People talk a lot. Ya, they do, and like most people everywhere around the world there is always some who talks to much and doesn’t know when to shut up.

Now there are probably lots of other similarities but I have a few questions about some. Like, in most countries I have lived in everyone distrusts or even hates polititians, bankers and lawers. Is that true around the world? I would like to hear from others if this is true. I can certainly vouch for the U.S. and western Europe what about the rest?